Beyond 2º

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Beyond 2º looks at the role of the artist in negotiating the comprehension of such a major issue as irreversible ecological degradation.

The title Beyond 2º refers to the rise by 2 degrees Celsius of the Earth’s temperature, beyond which climate change becomes irreversible. Though still a contested issue, the pervasive nature of climate change, as well as the difficulty to comprehend what its impact will look like, necessitate a response. This is where the artist comes in.

The artist alone has a unique ability to dealve meaningfully into the complexity of our environmental crises, in a way that goes beyond the language and understandings currently utilized so that we may form new articulations about our world and the role we play in it. As is becoming more common, artists have begun to insert their ecological concerns into their work. The work of artists in B2D depicts the shifting orientation of humanity to the natural environment and offers a diverse range of global perspectives, looking at ways in which different cultures address the issue of climate change. This global worldview and the multidisciplinary lens for discussing the controversial issue, offer new ways in which to productively rethink the structures that organize our world and encourage creative action to reconfigure our relationship with it.

The catalog includes an essay by exhibition curator Brooke Kellaway, explaining the exhibition and the crucial role it plays in 2016, as well as an essay by Laura Cassidy Rogers continuing the conversation about the artist’s role as an agent for social change.

The catalog also includes a list of the public programs that accompanied the exhibition, in the form of film screenings, talks, and performances.

Exhibiting artists for B2D include: Ursula Biemann and Paulo Tavares, Carolina Caycedo, Olga Kisseleva, Nicholas Mangan, Otobong Nkanga, Robert Zhao Renhui, Andrea Polli, Amie Siegel, and Melanie Smith.


Produced in conjunction with the MCASB exhibition Beyond 2º, March 13 - July 24, 2016.

Softcover, 75 pages, 51 color photographs, LHW 7” x 10.5” x 0.25”