Radamés Juni Figueroa: Tropical Readymade

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Radamés Juni Figueroa,Tropical Readymade, 2015, Basketballs, MCASB Iventory: 6 x pink+ purple, 1 x candy pink + purple, 1 pink camo, 1 orange + black, 1 x bright orange, 1 x light orange, 1 x red + blue

Through his work with plants, leaves and various forms of botanical life, Puerto Rican artist Radamés 'Juni' Figueroa creates a creative language with caribbean tropical quality. His work with ideas of 'readymades' sees him manipulating and modifying ordinary manufactured objects, mainly thematically related to sport. Figueroa forms both sculpture and environment that reflect the realities of life in his hometown of San Juan, bringing the irban landscape familiar to him into the contxt of gallery spaces across the world.

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