Limited Edition Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum Design Project Plate: Set of 8

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The plates in this set were designed by: Alison Saar, Annette Guionnet, Dane Goodman, Eric Chan and Heather Schatz, Hollis Sigler, Hung Liu, Keith Puccinelli, and Mark Lere.

Initiated in 1993 in support of SBCAF, the Design Plate Project commissioned several local artists to create a unique design for a limited edition plate. Among the list of artists, many of whom have gone on to regional, national, and international acclaim, are David Ligare, Hank Pitcher, Keith Puccinelli, Squeak Carnwath, & William Wiley. Grab your piece of MCASB history today!

The full list of artists includes: Squeak Carnwath, Eric Chan and Heather Schatz (ChanSchatz), Peggy Dahl, Roy de Forest, Dane Goodman, Annette Guionnet, Mary Heebner, Mark Lere, David Ligare, Hung Liu, Hank Pitcher, Keith Puccinelli, Alison Saar, Hollis Sigler, & William Wiley.

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