Kota Ezawa: The Crime of Art

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Investigate the crimes of art, whether it be famous heists or the question of appropriation, and celebrate Kota Ezawa at MCASB with a copy of The Crime of Art.

The catalog offers an overview of Kota Ezawa's work, examined through the use of crime as a topical lens. The Crime of Art features photographs and reproductions from the artist's exhibition that chronicles some of the most infamous and high-profile museum heists in history. Pieces on view currently at MCASB in Kota Ezawa: The Crime of Art are reproduced in the catalog that also includes essays by the exhibition's curator, Irene Hofmann, as well as Niko Vicario and Jordan Kantor.

Kota Ezawa: The Crime of Art on view at MCASB through February 3, 2019.

Kota Ezawa: The Crime of Art was curated by Irene Hofmann and organized by SITE Santa Fe with the Mead Art Museum.